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Q-dent is a dental office established for the most demanding patients. Our aim was to create a place, where you can forget about fear and pain, which are often connected to dental treatment. Scope of our services comprise: preventive dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry.

Q-dent StomatologY

In our everyday work, we join world class services (e.g. teeth whitening with the most modern methods), care for patients’ good and long standing experience, possessed by all dentists working in our office. Thanks to that, we have achieved the most important thing – patients’ trust and their positive recommendations. While visiting our office you can be sure that a Q-dent dentist will provide you with reliable and professional help, regardless the type of problem and scope of treatment.


There are many dental offices on the market, especially on the one in Warsaw. Almost every dentist can boast of highly qualified. So why exactly should You use our services? There were several important reasons.


The purpose of the prosthetic treatment is not only restoration a beautiful smile, but also to ensure comfort during the entire treatment process. Experienced and competent dentists, modern materials and equipment ensure successful results.


Contemporary orthodontics can effectively correct a malocclusion people of various ages. However, final effect depends  on the commitment of leading dentist and his competence.

Teeth Whithening

Healthy, white teeth is a dream for all of us. In our dental clinic, teeth whitening are made with the use of modern equipment and innovative methods, which guarantee the best results.

Good Prices

This does not mean that we are the cheapest clinic in the capital. Warsaw is a city characterized by a wide range of dental services prices, but also the quality of their performance. We use only the best materials and equipment